IT Without Borders is working together with the Uttarakhand Community Health Cluster in India to deliver support to the health workers there.

The cluster (an initiative of CHGN) is the first of a group of community health programs that are working closely together to consolidate their strength, improving communications and coordination with each other by phone, email, SMS and face-to-face meetings. The aim is to reach as many community health workers as possible, even those without internet or phone access.

Nathan Grills, board member of IT Without Borders, is executive facilitator of the cluster, bringing the 38 programs together for training and to collaborate on different activities.

IT Without Borders has been working with the cluster to:

  • To provide computers to assist with remote service and images for restoration.
  • Assist three community health and development programs to set up Community Computer Centres for equipping and training underprivileged community members in basic IT.
  • Assist two schools and one slum empowerment ministry to provide computer teaching by providing computers, training and ongoing support.
  • To help develop a simple Hindi curriculum to help the community health and outreach programs to teach mostly poor women and children in the villages.
  • To establish a link with IT Without Borders in order to provide ongoing remote computer support from volunteers around the world.
  • To conduct advanced and beginner IT training, in various areas identified by the trainees, to help 35 community Indian health programs to be more effective in their work and outreach.

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